Doors of El Jadida

When I walk by an old door and it’s open, it whispers, “Hello, come on in.”

When I walk by an old door and it’s closed, I know its history is tried and true.

When I walk by an old door and it’s closed, it whispers, “Traveler, who are you?”


19 responses to “Doors of El Jadida

  1. Beautiful doors! A favorite subject and you’ve captured some interesting ones. Thanks!

  2. I always notice doors when I travel. I used to have a set of framed doors from Greece hanging on my wall.

  3. Doors make for beautiful photography (such as yours) and have yet to become a cliche of a metaphor. Love it.

  4. A wonderful collection of doors…I love them.

  5. I’m partial to old doors, as well. Incredible journey you are on…

  6. I adore doors and your photos are fantastic…

  7. Love the doors–a favorite subject of mine. So many suggested stories for each.

  8. Love photos of doors! I took a series of them in Budapest – couldn’t get enough 🙂 They say so much about a place.

  9. I loved the doors of Morocco. Nice representation!

  10. Very nice. Love them all!

  11. I like this photo essay! I’ve been photographing a lot of doors since coming to Korea – especially the old fashioned doors with their giant bolt locks. 😀

  12. Love these! I love old doors too. 🙂

  13. I really love doors and windows and I often take photos of them when i travel!

  14. Okay, I seriously love this concept. People always find it funny when I mention liking a door. I took a photo of a very cool one up in the Hollywood Hills (Mulholland drive). I’d love to share with you sometime!

  15. Aren’t doors great? I love shooting windows too. I remember places by their doors: Mexico, China, Santa Fe…

    RPRT Photo

  16. I love your door photos! Its a great reminder to enjoy all of the little details while traveling.

  17. Great collection of doors

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