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Driving in Peru


A glimpse of travel through the Sacred Valley of the Andes. Small villages follow the Urubamba River. Road views offer a sample of life then and now.

Considering Machu Picchu

The panorama keeps changing – so do the people and seasons.

After the Inca’s left, she was naturally covered with a blanket of nature, as if put to rest for eternity.

Since Hiram Bingham’s discovery in 1911, new generations of Polaroids and khaki vests have walked the grounds.  The Heights of Machu Picchu (1944) brought paradisiacal inspiration to Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda.

The Inca Trail now leads to a fairy tale of wonder, and a small gift shop.


Cuzco in Captures

Culture of Cuzco,

Capital of the Inca empire,

Colonial architecture,

Churches and conquistadors.