For prints, use of photos or advertising inquires please contact me: kurt.w.wahlgren at gmail

11 responses to “contact

  1. Really enjoyed your site – Wow! Fabulous adventures and amazing photography!

  2. Hello. I really enjoyed your part about bali and some of the photos there. I, myself am heading off tonight for a week. Anyway, I’ll keep snooping around your blog, looks like you have some pretty interesting things here 🙂

  3. Thanks for the kind words, very much appreciated to connect with fellow photogs!

  4. Hey Kurt I’m diggin’ your blog and photos, would you consider becoming a contributor to Static Instants?

  5. Great pics man. You were right, the camera is where you are best..

  6. @ Static Instants. Sure, contact me via email with specifics.

  7. Hello

    We are interested to do a link exchange with you of our popular independent world travel blog (accepted by “Best Travel Blogs”).

  8. Enjoyed skimming through, nice job Kurt. I watched Korea Video, been to some of the places too 🙂 Looking forward to see see your stuff 4 here.

  9. Amazing travel pics! Keep it up!

  10. Hey there – I don’t know how you feel about blog awards but recently my blog – — was nominated for the
Liebster Award.
As part of that process, I nominated 11 blog I like and follow, and yours is one of them. If you’re interested in participating,
visit my post on the, Liebster Award ( Then please send me the link to your Liebster Award post. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am anxious to continue seeing all the cool material you offer your followers on your blog!

  11. Really great pictures. Your eye for color and lighting is quite nice. Congrats on your work thusfar, and best of luck in the future!

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