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Historical Hanoi

Despite the French legacy of grand boulevards, Hanoi still feels like a cluster of tiny villages. One of the first things you will notice is the traffic. As with other destinations in Asia, motorbikes are a way of life, and Hanoi is no exception. Continue reading

Images from El Jadida

It was known as Mazagão. From 1502 to 1769 the Portuguese controlled the area and built a beautiful fortification. Drawing on advancements in design and thought from the Renaissance, the Portuguese left behind an amazing structure that currently is identified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Continue reading

Coffee at UCLA

Read some Nietzsche, drink some coffee,

Contemplate Orwell, paint as a hobby.

Lectures on Fucault, Tolstoy and Du Bois,

Get up early and watch the sunrise.

Find yourself, drink some coffee.

Doors of El Jadida

When I walk by an old door and it’s open, it whispers, “Hello, come on in.”

When I walk by an old door and it’s closed, I know its history is tried and true.

When I walk by an old door and it’s closed, it whispers, “Traveler, who are you?”


Trekking the High Atlas

Morocco boasts some of the most spectacular mountains in the world for trekking. Just under the snowy peaks of the High Atlas range…sit Berber villages that look the same as they did hundreds of years ago. Continue reading