Trekking the High Atlas

Morocco boasts some of the most spectacular mountains in the world for trekking. Just under the snowy peaks of the High Atlas range…sit Berber villages that look the same as they did hundreds of years ago.

Starting in a small mountain village called Imlil, we decided to get in a 20km climb with the accompaniment of a local Berber guide. The range runs diagonally across Morocco for around 800 miles. The ancient paths through the mountains feel like they are taking you back in time. As we took a break overlooking three villages in the distance, I sketched the view in my notebook…then looked up at the perfectly blue African sky and could not help but wonder how many desert traders, Arab merchants, pilgrims, and locals had traversed these rocky mule trails.

Photographer John Szarkowski, has a quote that always rings true when I am trekking through nature.

“Photography is a contest between a photographer and the presumptions of approximate and habitual seeing. The contest can be held anywhere.”

The High Atlas is a great place to gather captures and breathe some clean mountain air. I’m looking forward to more contests between presumptions and habitual seeing…soon in the High Atlas.

One response to “Trekking the High Atlas

  1. Some day I’ll follow in your footsteps in the high Atlas, I know I will… 🙂

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