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Moscow in Captures

The northernmost mega city on earth has enough to keep a photographer busy for a lifetime. History, architecture and culture are on constant display in the capital of Russia. Nine train stations link Moscow to Europe and Asia. All cities are under constant change but Moscow is even more so. The transition to a market economy has made living in a small flat unbelievably expensive. Mix in current politics and there is always something to discuss at a local cafe.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Lenin, Tchaikovsky and Rasputin…the echoes of Leningrad hold onto a labyrinthine history. Today, this historic seaport of revolutionaries and playwrights offers a comfortable area to experience Russian culture. From a local coffee shop to the world famous Hermitage museum, St. Petersburg has plenty to do. If you enjoy reading Russian authors such as Tolstoy and Chekhov, walking around St. Petersburg is the perfect ingredient to refresh your imagination.