Photog. inspiration: Vivian Maier, Gordon Parks, Jacques Bravo

Writing inspiration: William Least Heat-Moon, George Orwell, Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. Should add e-mail. You could be like PZ Myers and have posts about crazy e-mails you get.

  2. I’d say Prof. Myers might have slightly more controversial material on his site.

  3. I’m sure you’re going saying something controversial eventually.

  4. Cool site. Cool job. Cool life. Like so many, I’d love to travel like you. There’s always the hope that someday I will.

  5. What you’re doing is so awesome! I’d love to be in your shoes.

  6. Kurt,

    This is an amazing experience and I thank you for sharing it in this way. Look forward to more photos and descriptions of places yet to visit.

  7. Love the new layout – does a great job of highlighting your photography!

  8. Thanks for responding to me on Twitter. Wow, what an awesome adventure your life is! I look forward to interviewing you.

  9. HOLA

  10. kurt- holy wow! Glad to see you are having this world traveling adventure- I hope that you make it to Iceland…beautiful!

  11. who would of thought that back in the Pinegate Baseball league that we would be cris-crossing each other around the world???? I have a one day/night stop in Taiwan in March..if ur there, we must meet again

  12. I’ll definitely be checking out your photos!

  13. Wow that is a great photo! Look fwd to more. Thanks for the like on my blog. Y

  14. I look forward to exploring your photos.

  15. Thanks, glad you had a chance to check out some of my photos!

  16. You have a good life, enjoy and live long and happy, great shots

  17. Hi Kurt. Thanks for dropping by my site. Hope to see you again soon.

  18. Thank you Kurt for reading my blog … to sleep now!

  19. Thank you for the visit.

    Wow, amazing adventure!!
    Will definitely follow………………
    Happy Monday!”

  20. You have a great blog here.

  21. Loved you recent posts on Morocco!

  22. Morocco is on our bucket list!

  23. It’s always wonderful to make another friend.

  24. You had me at William Least Heat-Moon. And Vonnegut. Orwell, too.

  25. Dude i really enjoy ur pictures.. keep taking and i’ll keep coming by

  26. Thanks for making more of the world more accessible through your photos and stories.

  27. Kurt, thank you very much for stopping by my blog – I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures! Adrian

  28. your photography is amazing! Thank you for showing me places I’ve never been!

  29. I look forward to experiencing the world through your eyes.
    Three cheers for Vonnegut!

  30. You’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award! 🙂
    Go to:

  31. I’ll be hanging around here…

  32. Just starting out on this photo blogging journey, really inspirational stuff on here! Enjoying reading it!

  33. I have come over to this site and am so glad I have. I think it’s excellent. Naturally, I am drawn to the photos of Italy but there is also so much good stuff on this site. Thanks again and happy blogging to you and all.

  34. Kurt: I love what you’re doing on this site as well. I see you’ve backpacked through many countries. Just curious: have you ever traveled the camino de Santiago in Spain? That’s something I’m really considering for my 50th bday. Thanks again!

  35. Clicking in to your blog, I immediately realized that I have a lot of great reading and perceiving to catch up with, and enjoy for some time ahead.
    Your way of seeing and writing are stunningly inspirational. Thank you very much for sharing.

  36. Love what you are offering on your site and look forward to exploring more after this wonderful Christmas vortex of energy is over. Thank you for your follow at art rat cafe – I am honoured…

  37. Very interesting site…hope to read more…

  38. Have a Happy New Year!

  39. I’m excited to follow your very interesting blog. 🙂 Best regards, Gabriela

  40. I have enjoyed browsing through your wonderful photos and look forward to seeing more!

  41. Hello 🙂 I am happy to have stumbled upon your blog 🙂 Do you mind if I ask where you originally come from?

  42. oh . . . to travel! I enjoyed your story plus images of North Korea … the “Koreas” have an amazing history that seems to be re-playing in today’s political/financial stages.

  43. Thanks for liking my blog and following. I hope that means that you’re considering visiting Israel. I notice that though you’ve been to 40 countries and was as close as Jordan you haven’t yet visited the Holy Land.

  44. MakeSomethingMondays

    Hello! Thanks for checking out Make Something Mondays.
    You have a great and inspiring blog going on here. I appreciate you sharing your adventures 😀 I will definitely be back.

  45. thanks for your efforts… keep it up … cheers 🙂

  46. Your site is full of interest. I shall be back – soon!

  47. Thanks for your interest in my blog Kurt. Considering the quality of your own work, I feel honored!

  48. Fascinating site. As Arnold said, “I’ll be back!…” And thanks for dropping by my farmers’ market post.

  49. Wha a wonderful blog! Thanks so much for following, looking forward to reading more from you!

  50. Great photos! Thank you for following.

  51. Blue Highways is one of my favorite books. Inspiring site. Thanks for the follow, too.

  52. Hi Kurt, thanks for following my blog. I like your too, and will be looking to use it for future travel inspiration. Cheers

  53. You have an interesting blog. Best wishes, V.

  54. Your Heidelberg pictures are great. How much time did you spend there? I’m living right around the corner but never made it there 😦 Anyway great pictures!

  55. 40 countries? wow! wonder if you have been to India!

  56. Great blog and a wonderful set of life goals. I hope you succeed in broadening understanding between peoples of different cultures.

  57. Maybe this is a silly question, but what is exactly is transnational history? it sounds like a quite interesting thing to study, but i’ve never heard of it before…

  58. Hope you can make it here in the Philippines, its a great country as well:-) .kudos on your writing skills! keep it up!

  59. Interesting life, great goals.. So glad I found your blog. Looking forward to reading through some of your past posts as well. Thanks.

  60. Thanks for the Vivian Maier mention, she’s fantastic!

  61. amazing site with abundance of great pictures..:)

  62. Great blog and photography!

  63. Hi Kurt, thanks for liking my photo essay on Taranaki, New Zealand, your blog looks great, we are still working on getting to 50 countries. See you on the trail some time. I am now a follower. Martin.

  64. CrazyGuyinThailand

    Hi Kurt. Outstanding blog.

  65. fromartsbluemouth

    sigh! my wanderlust ..which resides patiently..dreaming.. in every blood cell ..has skyrocketed to paranormal ..paradisaical heights ..arriving at your blog. I wish i could see all that u’ve seen ..n be everywhere u’ve been.. keep wandering and sharing.Simply Brilliant !

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