Monthly Archives: February 2010

NYC, New York

Is there any city quite like it on earth? Probably not. Almost every nationality has its own neighborhood, shops, and languages present. For those who like photography, it is a great place to shoot urban landscapes. For those who like history, it also has its place. I think the main thing to do in New York is to try and remove yourself from the daily grind and fast paced style of the locals, and to just look around and take it all in. Take mental snapshots, visit a corner street stand for lunch, start a conversation with a local.  New York means something different to everyone who has ever been there. Being the point of entry for several immigrant generations, New York and Ellis Island will always hold a unique place in American history.

Geneva, Switzerland

Yes, Geneva is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live. Many waiters and waitresses make around twenty five dollars an hour and still can’t afford to live in the city. Geneva is regarded as an international city because of the Geneva Convention papers and also because it houses many U.N. offices. Being that things are so expensive, Geneva ranks third in the world in standard of living. You will find evidence of this wherever you look. Geneva is a play ground for the rich and famous looking to escape the summer heat in their own countries. Many Middle Eastern oil millionaires come to Geneva in the summer to hang out and do whatever rich people do. Continue reading

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is easily one of my favorite cities. It really has everything: history, tradition, famous universities, pubs, museums, churches, cosmopolitan areas, east/west, public transit…etc. If you are looking for photographs, this is more of a structural city. By that, I mean it is a place where you photograph buildings not people. I am not one that likes to really square up a building and take a general tourist shot. I would rather capture a local person at a coffee shop, moments, they only last for a second in time. Anyone can go to the Reichstag and take a picture. Continue reading