NYC, New York

Is there any city quite like it on earth? Probably not. Almost every nationality has its own neighborhood, shops, and languages present. For those who like photography, it is a great place to shoot urban landscapes. For those who like history, it also has its place. I think the main thing to do in New York is to try and remove yourself from the daily grind and fast paced style of the locals, and to just look around and take it all in. Take mental snapshots, visit a corner street stand for lunch, start a conversation with a local.  New York means something different to everyone who has ever been there. Being the point of entry for several immigrant generations, New York and Ellis Island will always hold a unique place in American history.

5 responses to “NYC, New York

  1. Dude when were you in NYC? I was just there last week.

  2. These pics were from summer

  3. Yeah I noticed after I posted that there was no snow. My bad. Good pics though.

  4. My favorite place in the states…hands down!

    • “These vagabond shoes…
      They are longing to stray…
      Right through the very heart of it…
      New York, New York” -Sinatra

      Agreed, one of the best cities on the planet for sure.

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