Bern, Switzerland

Bern, just like most of Switzerland is an unbelievable place to live. It is consistently rated as one of the top cities in the world for quality of life. Believe it or not, you will hear mostly German being spoken on the streets.

When headed downtown there are a few main sites that I would recommend. First, the Zytgoggle clock is a main attraction. It is an old medieval clock with special happenings on the hour.  Einstein lived in Bern from 1903 to 1905. It was during this time that his Annus Mirabilis Papers were published. His apartment is available to tour and is well worth it.

If you want to get your Reformation on, check out the Bern Münster Cathedral. It has breathtaking stain glass windows and wood carvings. It is also possible to walk up the tiny staircase up to the clock tower for a great view of the city.

3 responses to “Bern, Switzerland

  1. Was in Bern back in 1994 on a choir tour and the World Cup…or something…was going on at that time. People EVERYWHERE in the streets! Unbelievable! Beautiful country!

  2. I grew up in Switzerland. No place quite like it. I’m looking through your blog and your photos here. You’ve been around, huh? Looking forward to more.

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