Colorful Djemaa el Fna

At the heart of the Marrakech medina is the animated Djemma el Fna (ساحة جامع الفناء). Here you can take in the smell of the food carts and sort out the sounds of story tellers and snake charmers.

As the day progresses, the square continues to evolve. Magicians and peddlers give way to encroaching culinary salesman trying to get you to sit down at their stand. The square is a great place for photographers as the scene changes by the second.

A 2011 bombing of a cafe led to the death 17 people at the square which left the city stunned. The popular Argana Cafe was destroyed on April 28th. It did not take long for the performers and vendors to return in full colors. If you look close in these wide-angle shots that I took you can see it being rebuilt near 12 o’clock.

2 responses to “Colorful Djemaa el Fna

  1. I suppose one can get used to it, but still . . . the memory of the bombing would certainly mess with my enjoyment of the place.

  2. Hannah and Chuck

    Great pictures of Morocco so far, Kurt! I think it’s time for a more personal post though, ie. what kind of work you’re doing there, living situation, first impressions of the country, the people, etc 🙂 We want to hear about you, too!

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