Coffee at UCLA

Read some Nietzsche, drink some coffee,

Contemplate Orwell, paint as a hobby.

Lectures on Fucault, Tolstoy and Du Bois,

Get up early and watch the sunrise.

Find yourself, drink some coffee.

5 responses to “Coffee at UCLA

  1. I love the shots, and the verse!
    Nice moments!

  2. Nice shots! I often enjoy visiting university campuses when I’m travelling. It makes long for the days of academia just a little – but then again, nothing beats travel. 😉

  3. Went to law school here and later followed that up with a concussion that dislodged almost every memory thereof. It was the strangest visceral rush to stumble across these shots. Their brilliance no doubt contributed to the neural flood’s effect. Thanks for sharing. All your content is top notch.

  4. Nice shots. ULCA was my home for a week back in 2003 – I went there for a conference on microscopic worms (don’t ask!).

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