Partly excavated and 100% historic. The Roman city of Volubilis is a superb area to photograph. The 99 acre site was built in the 3rd century BC and is located near Meknes, Morocco. Today it looks similar to what it would have after French colonial excavation.

What is amazing about Volubilis is that it feels so authentic. Part of this is the almost total lack of tourists. The beautiful mosaics on the ground sit undisturbed. When only part of a city is left standing, it is up to the observer to re-create the missing pieces. Only when something is removed…can we fill in the gaps with our own creation.

9 responses to “Volubilis

  1. These are beautiful. Makes me wonder who stood in your places thousands of years ago. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Beautiful!!! Your photos turned out so much better than mine 🙂 Great shots!!

  3. We went there! There are some wonderful photo ops, including a giant bas relief penis on a stone bench. What a sight?! Many fewer tourists here than at other Roman Ruins in Europe!

  4. I am almost overwhelmed by the age of everything via your images. It must be amazing to be there in person! How fortunate!

  5. I love how it has no tourists… yes… it lets the mind run free!!!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful photos. I especially like the photo of the mosaic.

  7. Stunning photos of a beautiful place. I’d love to go there! I love the way you used the light….very nice.

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