Variegated Azemmour

Azemmour is a quiet town located about 50 miles southwest of Casablanca on the Oum Er-Riba River. The medina inside the old Portuguese fort is worthy of a look. Void of touts and hagglers, this medina is used strictly for living. The colors are vibrant and the kids greet you with a simple “Bonjour.” A very relaxing place to grab  a few captures and finish the day with a coffee or Moroccan mint tea.

13 responses to “Variegated Azemmour

  1. Wow, nice thank you…I was looking forward to your new posting 🙂 Gabriela

  2. Fantastic series. Colors are so vivid and bright. Love!

  3. Excellent information and, of course, photography. thanks.

  4. Nice work…almost a virtual tour of the place…thanks

  5. Blue sky, blue wall, blue door and windows. The blue is so blue and I really like it.

  6. Those colours are spectacular! Casablanca has been on my bucket list for a while now – what a great place for photos it must be.

  7. Great work, Kurt. I haven’t checked out your blog in a while. It’s inspiring to see how many followers/ readers you have.
    I’m really impressed that you’re able to keep this up with teaching, too. Hope Morocco is treating you well…

  8. Stunning. Felt like I was transported back to Morocco for a moment!

  9. Good job. Thanks for sharing the details of how you took each shot. Vonn Scott Bair

  10. Hey, thanks for the feedback on my post and following my blog. I love this entry. My plans to get to Casablanca keep getting thwarted, but I’ve added Azemmour to my list of places to visit in the coming weeks. Was it easy to get there? Also, you need to try the clementines while you’re here if you haven’t already. They’re unreal.

  11. Excellent set. I love the blue doors in Morocco, and just above everything else. The motorbike shot is especially strong.

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