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Depictions of Detroit

Where some see decay, others see potential.

Where some see decay, others see community.

Where some see the past, others see a future.

Substantive NYC

Take the 7 to Grand Central, transfer to the 6, get off at Astor, walk west for a couple minutes, and you will find an excellent coffee shop.

Chapin Forest Reservation

Chapin is an excellent area to XC ski near Cleveland. There are some great trails and several substantial overlooks which offer views all the way to Lake Erie. Each trail has plenty of room for classical or skating styles. These snaps are from a morning ski this winter…additional info and trail maps can be found here.

The Ohio State University in Snapshots

A public research university that was founded in 1870, today OSU is home to 46,740 students. Here is a collection of shots I took on campus.

Capistrano in Captures

Named after 15th century Italian theologian, Giovanni da Capistrano, the Spanish mission is picturesque on every level. Located between L.A. and San Diego, and founded in 1776, this historical site is very much worth an afternoon of exploration, and follow up read.

President James A. Garfield

The site of one of the more successful front porch campaigns is located in Mentor, Ohio. President James A. Garfield acquired the property five years before he became the 20th president of the U.S. He was assassinated in the Sixth Street train station in Washington…shortly after winning the election of 1880.

Although Garfield’s life ended prematurely by a severely delusional federal office seeker, this National Historic Site gives a glimpse into his life and legacy. After his death, his wife added a Memorial Library which set the foundation of the current presidential library tradition. The library is just a remarkable room. It seems your IQ goes up several point upon entering. For more information visit the James A. Garfield Historic Site

Seattle Public Library

The library system that caters to Seattle was established in 1890. Today, the Seattle Public Library holds close to 1 million books, and also large collections of maps, oral history, and state documents. The ten story structure features several spacious reading rooms, a lecture hall, and many expansive research collections. A great place to retreat during a rainy Seattle afternoon.