City of Bridges

Pittsburgh has 446 total bridges, Venice has 443. Downtown Pittsburgh is shaped in a triangle by the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers which then form the Ohio River. (Continued after photos)

Having transitioned well from her former steel making days…Pittsburgh today is a city of higher education, robotics, nuclear engineering, finance and other service sector areas.

In terms of photography there are not many cities that are this photogenic. PNC Park is the nicest MLB stadium that I have seen. It is hard to find a flaw in the design of this spectacular downtown ballpark.

3 responses to “City of Bridges

  1. Love the post on Pittsburgh, I lived there in the early 90s, one of America’s most underrated cities!~ Jason

  2. Went to school in Pittsburgh and completely fell in love with the city – gorgeous!

  3. I grew up not from there. You have captured it well.

    And–thanks for following my blog (Brood Coffee Talk).

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