Essential Essaouira

One of the windiest cities in Africa sits on the Atlantic coast. Essaouira is a beautiful fortified town that has enough untaken photographs to fill a portfolio.

The smell of fresh, filleted fish linger in the narrow, damp, alleys. Spices, paintings and traditional Moroccan items are for sale as owners yell out their prices. The artsy feel reminds a bit of Ubud, Bali on certain levels.

Jimmy Hendrix stayed in Essaouira for a few days in July of 1969. However, local legend has it that his famous song, “Castles Made of Sand” was inspired by the beach castle ruins (pictured above) in Essaouira but he wrote the song two years prior.

20 responses to “Essential Essaouira

  1. As usual your prose and photography just scream EXOTIC, SPECIAL, MAGIC. I love it.

  2. Some really striking photos of the city. Nice to learn a bit of Jimmy Hendrix trivia to boot.

  3. Very nice picture, congrats. Jacek

  4. Awesome photo reportage. I wish I were there.

  5. Great photos. Brings me back to my time in Lamu, Kenya.

  6. I was in Essaouira last January. Stayed at a hostel that looked like a monastery and rode horses on the beach. It´s like time travel.

  7. Great photos Kurt! Essaouria was one of my favourite place in Morocco. You’re captured it well.

  8. The color purple was discovered in this region, you may be interested in researching this further.

  9. thus, the Purple Haze tribute…..

  10. This looks incredible. I have a couple of friends who didn’t enjoy their travels to Morocco, but these photos make me think again!

  11. Wow, solid shots. I’ve always been fascinated by Morocco and “Castles Made of Sand” is one of my all time favorites.

  12. I’ve been wanting to go to the music festival here – need to check, but I think it’s usually in February – are you aware of it? One of my favorite destinations that I haven’t made it to yet. Must be time…Thanks for sharing your photos – beautiful and inspiring!

  13. I’d never heard of Essaouira before, but it certainly looks both intriguing and photographically beautiful.

  14. These shots are amazing. The way the colors pop against the browns of the sand and the stones are just glorious.

  15. Who’s to say Hendricks wasn’t inspired by those sanddunes? Even if he only got there after composing his music. Thanks for some beautiful pictures.

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