Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is one of the better lookout points I have witnessed. It is an amazing sight. To see the amount of skyscrapers surrounding Victoria Harbor is astonishing. Hong Kong is quickly becoming the most important financial center on earth right now. It is where monetary systems from East and West meet. For instance, the week I was in town, it was announced that the CEO of HSBC was moving his office from London to Hong Kong. Further evidence of the global realignment of wealth being transferred to the Far East.

Back to the view though from the top of the peak. The backside of the mountain gives a view of green tropical islands in the South China Sea. From this vantage point it is easy to see why this area was perfect for trade and commerce. Small tributaries and islands guard the harbor which is surrounded by cavernous hills. Although the British performed the handover to the Republic of China in 1997, Hong Kong retained its own currency, legal system, and immigration services.

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  1. If I were out East I’d swing through Qingdao for a bag of local brew and a relaxing afternoon on stoically named Beach #2

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