Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrvonik, Croatia is a crown jewel of modern seaports. It was not long ago that this ancient town, located on the Adriatic Sea, was under attack. The Siege of Dubrovnik, was led by Pavle Strugar and the Yugoslavian Peoples Army until May of 1992. Strugar, was later convicted of war crimes, for violations of the customs of war and attacks on Old Town, which is a UNESCO heritage site.

“Old Town” is the area that is surrounded by a 2 km long, circular wall, right on the water.  Approximately 1,000 residents still live in this medieval walled in castle. Aged cobble stone streets, and thin walkways, connect a maze of shops and living quarters.  Most prices in Old Town will run a bit higher than other areas in the city proper. The exchange rate fluctuates around 5 Kunas to 1 American dollar. For the most part, prices are comparable to any other European city.

Dubrovnik also has a decent bus system that can take travelers around this coastal city. An added feature that makes Dubrovnik a gem on the Adriatic, is the mountains that surround the area. These rugged peaks will definitely slow bus travel down but the view more than makes up for lost time.

The Dubrovnik Bridge of Franjo Tudman is located in the Port of Gruz, around 10km from Old Town. The bridge is a photographers dream, when blended with the rich blue water that forms the bay. Tudman became the first president of Croatia  after winning the post communist elections in 1990.

This city had been on my list for awhile and did not dissapoint. Although it is not very easy to get to by air or sea, Dubrovnik will continue to rise in popularity, as word spreads of its old world charm.

2 responses to “Dubrovnik, Croatia

  1. You see one of the former Yugoslav generals just turned himself in for war crimes in Dubrovnik? Dude’s accused of laying waste to 70% of the city, he’s at the Hague now claiming total innocence. The guy’s goose is cooked, even Godzilla didn’t take out 70% of the city it terrorized.

  2. Yes I did see that, read a few articles on him. Crazy stuff, that didn’t happen too long ago, that’s the scary part

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