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Chong Khneas, Cambodia

Chong Khneas is a floating village on Tonle Sap Lake. We took a tuk-tuk the 16 km from Siem Reap to a dock and got on a boat for a better look. After around a 20 minute boat ride in an extremely muddy tributary, we came out into Tonle Sap Lake. On the edge of this lake sits a floating fishing village.

The village is made up of more than one hundred floating shanty’s. The people live a very meager life and make the best with what they have. In the village you can find a small floating basketball court, floating church, and also one of the most famous elementary schools in Cambodia. Many of the children paddle to school in a little disk that they sit in, almost like a small saucer. Around the school locals will paddle up and beg for money.

The main subsistence of the village is fishing and netting shrimp. I really couldn’t imagine living this type of lifestyle at all. It would definitely take some adjustment to be constantly living on the warm, murky, water. In terms of photos, I got a few to try and capture the people that live in this hot and humid climate. (Will post video later) Whenever I am lucky enough to visit an environment like this, it always helps me put in prospective just how fortunate I am.