Timeless Toledo

Toledo: Roman, Visigoth, and Moor rule before reconquest in 1085 A.D. This gallery is just a glance at this amazing town of cafes, cobble stone streets, cathedrals, art galleries and river paths. The Museo del Greco is worth the price of admission. From ancient synagogues to beautiful monasteries, Toledo offers a relaxing atmosphere. You may even feel your IQ rise a few points, although it’s likely a placebo.

5 responses to “Timeless Toledo

  1. some great shots there, looks like a place I’d like to visit!

  2. an excellent series of photographs. I wanted to choose a favorite….but I just like them all. Great work and thanks for the info on Toledo.

  3. Beautiful photos. It is one of my great regrets that we were not able to go to Toledo on our last trip to Spain.

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