Inspiration to Write Your Novel (Paris)

When you visit Paris:

  1. Rent a tiny room in the old quarter
  2. Overlook the city in silence
  3. Buy something from an Algiers peddler
  4. Pencil sketch half a painting, throw the sketch away
  5. Read a short story in a museum

17 responses to “Inspiration to Write Your Novel (Paris)

  1. Musee D’Orsay would rank as perhaps my favourite museum – an essential part of Paris.

  2. I like the train and the metro photos best! Also rule #4 : )

  3. Your photos make me miss Paris so much! I love them, but oh, the nostalgia.

  4. Your photos are breathtaking

  5. Love the metro one! Currently trying to master this photography effect. Can’t wait to see your next album 🙂

  6. Your photographs are magnificent – way outside my tiny scope, but an inspiration

  7. You said you liked my Paris images, I wish they were half as good as yours.

  8. Beautiful Clicks. Loved your work.

  9. Thank you for becoming a “Follower.” I’m visit your site now and take a stroll through your works.

  10. sarahjaneprosetry

    Sign me up

  11. Hmmm! I need to go to Paris!

  12. Hey there, nice photo 🙂 I’m from Indonesia.

  13. Hey, I love reading your blog and have nominated you for The Addictive Blog Award!

  14. its a wonderful post, very optimistic. Good Luck!

  15. One of my inspirations is music.

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