Petra in Pictures

“A rose-red city half as old as time.” This phrase is credited to British theologian, John Burgon. He wrote a poem about the mystical, inaccessible city of Petra in 1845.  Here are some captures I managed to take on a October 2012 visit to the historical city. Petra originated around 312 B.C.

21 responses to “Petra in Pictures

  1. Okay, so I guess you’re from “everywhere” rather than Cape Cod! Wow! What an amazing journey you’ve been on! I’ll have a lot of fun looking through your postings. My husband and I are hoping to visit Northern Europe next summer, so I’m glad to have found you as a resource for “what to see” when we go!

  2. Suddenly you took my five years back, Thanks.

  3. Amazing photos! Looks like an amazing place!

  4. Ancient and beautiful – how humbling to stand there.

  5. Beautiful. I especially love the horse back rider!

  6. I look forward to checking out your photos – impressive travel list!!

  7. Hannah and Chuck

    Love the Petra pictures, Kurt. Petra is such a cool place to see and imagine what it looked like in its heyday.

  8. Amazing. I want to travel with you.

  9. Nice … very, very nice. Took a bit of a scroll through Daily Propaganda and you’re images are consistently first rate. D

  10. I just remembered I’ve always wanted to visit there.

  11. I feel like I’m back watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Beautiful photos!

  12. These are fantastic, excellent work! I hope to visit Petra someday soon.

  13. Such great photos, I can’t wait to see this in person soon!

  14. Beautiful photos! I was there in 2009 and hiked for two within Petra. Amazing!

  15. Beautiful photos! I have always wanted to go there. Thank you for sharing them.

  16. Amazing place, always wanted to go there. Is the Holy Grail inside?

  17. One place I would dearly love to visit, a neighbour went this year and slept rough in the desert (not sure I’d do that).

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