Galle, Sri Lanka

In 2004 you remember seeing the massive tsunami that ravaged much of the Sri Lankan coast. Fast forward to today and life has returned to some resemblance of normalcy. Galle (pronounced gawl in English and garr-le in Sinhala) is a small seaport hamlet that dots the southwestern part of the island.

Salty winds rise up from the waves that pound the old Dutch fort. Behind the walls are a vast array of narrow streets and Dutch colonial architecture. The fort was constructed in the 1600’s and served as the main port for Sri Lanka for the next 200 years. Many travelers between Europe and Asia walked the streets of Galle as their ship re-stocked supplies.

Today Galle is a haven for writers, photographers, painters and poets. If you are looking for a place to stay and eat some spicy curry for several days in Sri Lanka this is it.

2 responses to “Galle, Sri Lanka

  1. We will be visiting Sri Lanka early next year so I will be returning to look through these galleries when I have a bit more time (and some of your other galleries, too)

  2. We will be visiting Sri Lanka early next year so I’ll be back to work my way through all your galleries about SR as well as some of the others too

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