Chiang Mai, Thailand

When it comes to backpacking Chiang Mai you don’t have to kid yourself that you are the first explorer in the jungle. In fact, close to one million visitors head to the former capital of the Kingdom of Lanna each year. Situated in the northwest mountains of Thailand…this is a favorite vacation destination for those wanting a weekend break from hot and humid Bangkok.

As for firing off a few shots, it isn’t too hard to line up a couple decent captures within the friendly confines of Chiang Mai proper.

6 responses to “Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. Love the shot of buddy wielding the axe; that slightly guilty look on his face opens it up to lots of interpretations of what he might have just finished doing.

  2. Not sure what to make of this one. For sure one of the oddest pics I’ve taken.

  3. Great shots Kurt ! I’ve lived in Chiang Mai for 3 years 🙂

    • Thanks, Chiang Mai is a great locale to relax and enjoy the hospitality of Thai food and culture. I will be back in Chiang Mai at some point.

  4. The guy with the axe would give me pause . . . Are you allowed to carry a machete for protection?

    Just kidding (I say that because people sometime can’t tell).

    Great shots, all of them.

  5. Amazing pictures! I was in Thailand for a month and kept trying to make it up to Chiang Mai but never did….after seeing your photos I think another trip is needed! Thanks for sharing

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