Si fen-wei / Dajian Mountain(s)

We started at the Xizhi (汐止) train station, from there it was about a thirty minute walk to the trail-head. At the start it was a steep climb. Later we stopped at a few points along the trail to rehydrate. The first stop was Qie-dong Waterfall. This is a slim waterfall that ends up in a about a three foot deep collection pool. At the bottom of the falls is a nice place to take a short rest from the heat.

From there, the climb entailed a small trail through jungle type forest. The humidity was very high as it usually is in Taiwan. This hike would be rather difficult during the rainy season, regardless I would still recommend bringing a climbing stick. During the hike it sprinkled off and on but it didn’t have a large effect on the climb. Many of the rocks along the trail are covered in moss which at times can be especially slippery.

Si fen-wei Mountain had a great view from the top. From the top, Taipei 101 was just visible through the island mist. There are a large number of prayer flags at the summit as well. Looking out from the opposite peak, Dajian, is a picturesque birdseye view of Xizhi. I would recommend this hike on a cloudy day.

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