Super Basketball League

SBL stands for Super Basketball League (超級籃球聯賽). The league began in 2003 after a period of about four years where Taiwan had no pro basketball.

I went to watch part of two games in Taipei. There were three games and one ticket is good for all three. Tickets cost $300NT which is equivalent to $9USD. Each team can have one import player, most likely from the U.S. The level of play is similar to Division II basketball in the States. Games are held in arenas all over the island.

Just as in Taiwanese baseball, there are no home teams. Each team has a main sponsor and is not linked to a specific city although some teams are more popular in certain areas of the island than others.

Here is the list of teams: Bank of Taiwan, Dacin Tigers, Kinmen Kaoliang Liqour, Pure Youth Construction, Taiwan Beer, Taiwan Mobile Clouded Leopards, Yulon Loxen Dinos.

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