Backpacking- Ubud, Indonesia

2 responses to “Backpacking- Ubud, Indonesia

  1. I am really enjoying your blog. This year I was looking for entertaining yet educational things to do with my children over the summer. I know it’s not even February yet but I wanted clear ideas. Tonight over dinner I asked the children what they thought of learning as much as we could about a country every week. Learn about what they eat, games they play, animals that live there, culture, traditions, clothing, etc. and by the end of the week we could have quite a few pieces of art together and perhaps prepare a meal or find a place that serves the food from the country we just studied. I told them there are a few rules… internet can only be used for pictures, videos or personal experiences. No wiki and no other sites like it. Books, National Geographic and other resources found at the library. I thought going “old school” would turn this into somewhat of an adventure. Your blog will be used as a resource. I just decided that 🙂

    • Betty, I really appreciate the kind words and you taking the time to browse my photos and such. Travel is a great education but as you noted, alot can be learned just by being globally conscience from wherever one is at. Technology is a great medium. There are a lot of great photo sites out there, again thanks for taking a few minutes out to check out my travels. This is I why I post my pictures.

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