Qixing Mountain

Qixing Mountain (七星山) is translated into English as “Seven Star Mountain.” It is located just outside Taipei, in Yangmingshan National Park. The mountain is part of the Datun Volcano Group and is listed at 3,675 ft.

At the top of this extinct volcano sat one large crater which has since been split into seven smaller peaks due to heavy erosion. On our hike, several paved roads and bridges were completely washed out from recent typhoon Megi, 10/24/10. The mountain is rather steep, with little undergrowth to stop quick landslides that occur with heavy rains.

The main draw to this area is the gas fumaroles that emit large quantities of sulfur. The smell is just as intense as the flourescent yellow colors. Natural hot springs form in areas that have adequate rock to trap the water into small pools. This was a great place to enjoy a half-day hike, eat lunch by the hot springs and also get in some photos.

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