London, England

I figured that since I have been to London now about eight different times, I should share my thoughts. London is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and for obvious reasons. The London Underground is probably the premier subway in the world, the city is clean, safe, etc.

After traveling through many large cities in Europe and in Asia, if someone were to ask me if London was in my top twenty, I would quickly say no. After my latest trip to London though, I looked at it from a different vantage point. When I first began traveling abroad, it was all about the excitement of different languages, cultures, and people. Whenever I would get to London it seemed like their was no adventure.

Apart from maybe a silly accent here or there, the local Brits seemed a lot closer to an average American than if I visited Texas. On this last trip, I took London for what it was and enjoyed it much more. Seeing Wimbledon, and the tailgate festivities for the Chelsea/Manchester United opener, showed a new side of London rather than the straight tourist menu of: museums, fish and chips, Big Ben/Parliament, Buckingham Palace, bed time.

Here are some snapshots I have taken in London over the years.

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