Columbia, SC

Located in the middle of South Carolina, sits the capital, Columbia. It was here that General William Sherman stationed thousands of troops during the Union army’s rampage through the South. Much of Columbia was destroyed by Union troops, including a devastating and controversial fire that left most of the city in ashes.

Today, Columbia is at the heart of the Midlands. Recent revitalization near the Congaree River has seen Columbia become a solid tourist destination. On Saturdays throughout the fall loyal South Carolina fans flock to Columbia to support Steve Spurrier and the Gamecocks. Most SEC games sell out but it is possible to get decent seats for non-conference games at less than face value. Located on the USC campus is a new convention center and college basketball arena that can host concerts and other events.

Nicknamed “The Capital of Southern Hospitality” Columbia does not disappoint. Its rich history offers several museums as well as access to the capital building when it is not in session. For those wanting to unwind check out the Vista or Five Points for restaurants and spirits.

For those traveling the States without access to a car, the easiest way to get to Columbia is via Amtrak. The train station is located within walking distance of the central business district. Air travel is also a possibility but due to the small size of Columbia Metropolitan Airport, fares to Charlotte are more reasonably priced.

Check the official city website for more informaion-

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