High Speed Rail

Last week I got to experience my first trip on the Taiwan High Speed Rail. It is designed similar to the futuristic bullet train system in Japan. This new transport offers a north/south route along the west coast of Taiwan from Taipei to Kaohsiung. Everything about the project which opened in January of 2007 is first class. The train stations are post modern structures, and the in train seating offers plenty of leg room.

While reaching speeds of 185mph, the ride is very smooth. It feels like you are floating on air. That is because you are floating on air. I am not much of a scientist but the premise is like this. The train is guided by overhead cables and then floats over the track when reaching high speeds, by using magnetic charges to stay online but not actually make contact with the rail.

2 responses to “High Speed Rail

  1. Kurt…what great photos!! Thanks for sharing your adventure with others. Hope all is well with you!

    Aunt Mary

  2. Kurt,
    What an adventure you’re on. I know you love history, and learning about the people in other lands and their culture. Stay safe and keep us posted.

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