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Mostar, Bosnia

If you are backpacking through the Balkans, it is a must to stop in Mostar, Bosnia. Mostar, the fifth biggest city in Bosnia, is a great place to take photos, try local cuisine, have a drink, and relax. Most travel guides give rare mention to Mostar, and often suggest not to stay overnight. I would argue differently.

In terms of taking photos, this town has some great looks. The main landmark of the town is the famous Mostar Bridge. During the war, the bridge was shot down in a horrific scene. Fast forward eleven years after, and in 2004, it was re-built. In 2005, UNESCO put the bridge on the World Heritage List. Today, the bridge that I walked on, was reconstructed from pieces of the old bridge that had fallen in the river during the Croat bombardment from the surrounding hills.

Near the Mostar Bridge area, a backpacker kind find anything he wants. The narrow cobble stone streets are lined with small shops, restaurants, pubs, and street peddlers. Around each corner lies a bullet riddled building, which quickly reminds you of the regions complicated past.

Getting to Mostar is basically done by train or bus. I would recommend taking a train, because the rocky terrain severely hampers bus travel down to a snails pace. Several hostels and hotels are within a short walk to the Mostar Bridge and are very cheap.

For video footage of the Mostar Bridge being shot down click here and fast forward to the 4:00 minute mark of the video.

We only got to spend one night in Mostar due to the fact that I lost my passport in Croatia and needed to get to Sarajevo ASAP. To read that rather crazy story click here.